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What to do with a Polystyrene egg?

March 20, 2014

We recently used a crafting kit from our website that included lots of bits and bobs of different craft materials, not least 3 different sizes of polystyrene egg. I was hoping to get to decorate one myself but the girls used them all up before I got a chance!


I was rather pleased to see how well a Sharpie pen draws on them (and dries quickly too, no inky fingers) and pleasantly surprised to find it was possible to glu dot pipecleaners to it for wings and feet. Maddy made this little chap and a combination of raw ends of the wire and adhesive meant her all held together rather cutely. I’m a fan on the wisp of pom pom used to make his hair tuft 🙂

Josie took a very different stance with her, creating a proper little character; I called him Humpty, to her fury – he’s Mr Eggman (we’re nothing if not literal here!)


I rather liked the fact she secured his arms with packing tape but turned it into a jacket – I must buy some washi tape to explore that as an idea! He has ribbon for hair and a cake case for trousers and a very dapper bow too.

For a much cheaper take on the old Faberge egg, a combination of Sharpie, self adhesive flowers, and ribbon around a small pot lid works pretty well. We gave this some added sparklet with glitter glue too.

What would you do with them?

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