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Valentine Pom Pom and Felt Heart Craft

January 29, 2013

I wanted to help a group of girls make something really pretty as a quick craft in a short session this week and came up with this idea.


First each of the kids made a pom pom or two in small sizes, using links and white yarns, or whatever suited their version of romance the best 😉

I then drew some quick heart shapes using a word processing programme (templates to follow) and they cut out two sides of each in felt of their choice. We had threads, buttons and sequins out and the decided each side of the hearts to suit themselves. Decorate each side first, then blanket stitch them together with a little stuffing if you wish.

Once completed, they threaded a bodkin with a cotton based yarn (won't stretch) and threaded it through the hears and pom poms, tied knots below each element to secure them and hung them up. Ideally they will look lovely in a window or below a light shade; we hung these on a door.

You could use ribbon to thread them; in this case place the ribbon through the pom pom before cutting and tying it and place it through the centre of the heart before you stitch it together.

Well done girls.


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