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St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Jar

February 23, 2014

St Patrick’s Day seems the perfect time to bring out two of my favourite crafts again; Fimo and glass jar decorating!


This is an easy craft which would be great as a sweetie jar (smarties arranged in rainbow layers perhaps?) or a candle jar or a place to collect you very own gold coins. It’s quick to do so here is how we did it.

  1. Blend up scrap green Fimo or Sculpey into a stripy, swirly or mottled look. Of course you can use plain, but we liked the depth and variety we got with a blend. Roll it out and cut out heart shapes using a small icing cutter., then press a texture plate into the surface of the heart if you wish. Our swirls added a little oumphf to the look of the thing.
  2. Arrange the hearts on the jar in groups of 4, making sure that the pieces touch the next 4 leaf clover along at some point. It’s really important clay forms a ring all around the jar so that when it bakes, it contracts and holds on.
  3. Add a blob of contrasting green to the middle and use a blunt tool to add texture. It’s not exactly botanically correct, but it just looks better!
  4. Twist up the remaining clay into a long sausage, double it and make a long thin twisted sausage. Wrap that around the rim of the jar to cover the threat. I made a little charnm sized shamrock to top it off and cover the joins.

For more ideas, see our Pinterest board.

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