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St Patrick’s Day Hat

February 25, 2013

Here is a craft Maddy did last year for our family blog in time for St Patrick’s Day. In fact, we did it a month early as I had just had a baby and got confused about the date!


This was a nice easy cereal packet construction underneath, a wide cylinder stuck with packing tape down the back, a circle with some tabs sticking out cut out and then the tabs stuck down to the cylinder to make the top and a wide rim, with similar tabs glued inside to hold it on. Once it was all secure, Maddy stuck layers of bright green tissue on to the hat and then PVA glue over the top to make it shiny. Actually it was smoother and glossier than it looks in the picture. The belt is just black and yellow card, taped at the back. It was pretty effective as quick fun crafts go and certainly kept her quiet for a while 😉

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