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Simple Sewn Snowflakes

December 19, 2012

Since illness and panto-ing children mean we've not really started christmas here yet, we thought we would fest up a bit by celebrating winter instead. So we've jazzed up our murky foggy day with lots of snowflakes these last few days.

Recently my youngest girl made a gorgeous beaded bunting strip for a friend and, following a day making paper snowflakes, she thought the idea might be nicely applied to some felt versions.

Since having my error pointed out to me by a friend once, after we made (just WRONG!) 8 point snowflakes, we always make sure ours are folded into 6 triangles. This proved a little harder with our fairly substantial felt and I found we had to make decent sized flakes and occasionally unfold them a little to make the cuts as best we could. The rounded edged ones seemed to work the best as the slightly cuddly shape just seemed to work well in felt.

The girls stuck to very simple seed bead embellishments but I've got a bit of an urge to try some slightly more intricate ones with some embroidery. I really must learn to embroider properly.

These are going to be glue gunned to some pretty white ribbon and hung up in our French windows as dangling banners. We don't want real snow, thank you but some fake snow will do nicely!


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