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Simple Pipecleaner Daffodil.

March 9, 2014

If you read our other blog, the one about out family, you’ll know it is now nearly 4 years since our little boy fdied at 11 days old. He was an April baby and daffodils are the flower that we most associate with him. This year though, the mild winter means they are already flowering and will be gone before his birthday. I’ve asked some blogging friends to join us in making daffodil crafts to light up April with yellow anyway.

Quick craft. It's a pipe cleaner daffodil. #daffodilboy

Today I had reason to play with chenille stems and made this little pretty. It couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Join two yellow stems by twisting the ends to make a long stem.
  2. Make a zigzag with 6 points, then join them into a circle with another twist.
  3. Use an orange stem to bind the centre together with crossovers (a bit like weaving a star into the middle of the flower) until it is solid and holds flat.
  4. Use another orange stem to coil a trumpet, then use the last inch to bind over so that it stays a tight coil.
  5. Glue into place.
  6. Work a half green stem into the back of the flower for a stalk and twist a second full stem to the bottom and bend up to make leaves.

Do rather like this

A glass jar, some plasticine, felt and stickers made a nice pot for it.

If you have a daffodil craft on your blog, old or new, why not join in our linky 🙂 It will make this little family very happy. Thanks 🙂


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