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Rainbow PomPom Swag

August 22, 2012

To celebrate the birth of our little boy, we made a gorgeous rainbow pompom swag to hand in our front window. It’s been a really popular feature on our blog so I thought I would add it here as our pom pom rainbow craft. It was either that or make an entire rainbow from them and frankly, I do not have the energy to even attempt that!

We used our pom pom makers for this craft and cheap and cheerful acrylic yarn from our local cheapy shop. Makes for a perfect craft that everyone joined in with. We all took a size of pom pom and went from very large to medium sized ones, doing half and half colours on each maker. The middle two are the largest size and half red/half orange and then the range slowly out in the same pattern through the colours, with blues and whites for sky and clouds at each end. It ended up hanging in the window for months, cheering up the room in the face of some extremely miserable British ‘Summer’ weather.

This would work beautifully as a group project in a classroom or as part of a greater weather project. I seriously considered windows full of silver threaded raindrops, snowballs, a huge fluffy sun and clouds hanging from the ceiling!

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