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Rainbow Hama Bead Pattern

August 20, 2012

Rainbow Hama Bead PatternThe delicious bright colours of Hama Beads really lend themselves to rainbow crafting. I’ve had loads of ideas for doing rainbows over the years, from pictures to coasters, to threaded ones on yarn and earphones and decorations for a tree in the garden that lends itself to rainbow is our family history. Sometimes though, simple is good. So to get us started, this pattern is an easy picture which was first featured on BeadMerrily. It is part of a series of designs based on the weather and the seasons and is a good first pattern for children who want to work on bigger Hama Bead designs as it is largely symmetrical and easy to see if you go wrong. The colours can be varied slightly to suit what you have; you could even go for a very surreal rainbow on a greyer day if you wanted. It would make a lovely window design, hung from a thread, if you made it in translucent colours too.

Since rainbows lend themselves well to St Patrick’s Day, here is another pattern with a pot of gold that we did for that time of year. It’s lovely, I think. Although admittedly I am biased 😉

Required: Large Hama Bead Hexagon pegboard, hama beads, iron, ironing paper. Large round for the second one.


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