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PomPom Trees for Fairies.

August 22, 2012

My daughters and I had a whimsical moment the other day. We wanted to have a go at bigger versions of the tree I made for a model once, which was a Fimo base and a pom pom tree top. It occurred to us we could maybe make trunks out of all the different craft materials we are currently featuring on Simple Crafts. So we set to and with a little bit of effort. we managed a very creditable fairy forest.

The idea was nice and simple. This was to be the first of our Autumn crafts so Maddy made pom poms in a mixture of autumny colours – browns, yellows, oranges and greens, varying the pompoms with 3 different shades in each to give our forest a dappled look. The trunks varied in simplicity. She made one from foam sheets because we really couldn’t face trying to sew one, cutting two pieces of foam into trunk shapes with two branches forking out of the top so the pom pom sat on top.She cut a slit from the bottom of one and the top of the other and slotted them together; the branches made a cradle for the pompom and it stood nicely. She did similar with Hama Beads, leaving a gap so the two pieces could slot together (I’ll do a pattern for that asap).

We used brown paper for another trunk. Cut a large rectangle and fold it then twist 4 roots and four branches so it stands with the pompom on top. The felted one was more tricky and I wasn’t totally pleased with it; it took a lot of felt and patience to do and although it looks okay, it needed to be more solid and was a pain (literally at times!) I don’t like 3D needle felting!


Here is her step by step of her ‘2 slightly different sized toilet rolls put together’ tree which she then covered with brown felt and then I redeemed myself by blending up old brown Fimo and pushing together roughly cut sausages of it into a trunk, making roots and branches nice and gnarled and nobbly and being really quite pleased with the result!

This post is very much intended as a craft idea, not a how to do it post; I will add some templates for the Hama Bead trunk and the foam tree trunk design though as I think we’ll be coming back to this idea to do more thoroughly. As it was, we had some fun seeing how fast we could grow a little forest in our own back garden with most of our favourite craft materials.

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