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Pom Pom Snowball Fight.

December 31, 2012

I saw this idea a year or so ago on Pinterest and will have to find the right place to credit it when I'm near a proper computer but this idea for making a Pom Pom snowball fight tickled Maddy very much when I told her about it and so she made it happen.

It turned out to be the perfect playtime craft for a Christmas Eve, nice and easy so no parental involvement required (if you use the lovely pom pom makers we have) and then ideal for burning off over excited per bed time energy when the stocking are out but sleep won't come!

Maddy made 16 medium sized white pom poms and filled to mini ikea steel buckets with them. Then all hell let loose as they pelted each other with them! The baby particularly liked it and no one got cold or hurt or needed drying out afterwards! Perfect!

It looked pretty too 🙂


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