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Pom Pom Flowers

September 2, 2013

It’s been a bit quiet here lately; I took some time out to enjoy my little boy, since he’s growing up all too fast and needed lots of mummy attention but I also found myself (as I’m wont to do) setting up a new shop for all the beautiful craft supplies that I like using on this blog. And that took some time too.

However, the crafting hasn’t entirely stopped and I’ve got plenty of projects put aside to blog about or ones I’m about to make. My trusty army of helpers have all departed for school now, after years of home education and being on hand to craft, so I might have to do more of the leg work myself. I’m pretty sure Maddy will still be on hand to help though.


Here is a pretty bunch of flowers we all constructed together one morning, combining pom poms and felt flower petals, sat on top of long wooden kebab sticks.

Felt and pompom flowers. #simplecrafts

I started off with some simple 6 petal flower shapes with a hole cut in the middle that came from some craft kit or other, long ago butchered and popped into the cupboard as remnants. Popping a pom pom through the middle of this was easy and the stick sits securely into the centre of it too, so no glue really required. Put the pointy end downwards into your vase if you are worried about safely though, or cut it off beforehand.

After that Maddy and I got creative; she hand stitched some clover leaves in green felt and I had a go at machining onto felt too just to try and get my hand in with my new machine. Layers of different shapes put together make for charming (if not terribly real!) flowers and leaves decorated with ric rac can be glued to the back or skewered with the sticks.

We will be back later with a flower shape printable, but for now, one craft for the blog as a signal that we are back!

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