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Pom Pom Firework Craft

November 2, 2012

We thought we were up against it with this particular craft but yet again Maddy came up trumps, with a little imaginative help from another sister. So here it is, a pom pom craft for Firework Night 😆

One navy blue or black large popm pom to be the sky. Then take some pipe cleaners and twist them into coils around your finger. Push one end into the centre of the pompom and secure it by bending in over the yarn that holds all the strands together. The yarn will help hold them in place. Make a series of them and hang them in a wreath or at the window. Use sparkly pipe cleaners if you have them to hand or decorate the pom poms by spraying glue and glitter on, or stars or even by using sparkly thread wound in when you make it.

If you remember to leave the yarn that ties it together as a long thread, you’ll have a loop to hold it together. We didn’t, so you get Josie’s fingers modeling this quick and fun bonfire night activity. I think with some glue and glitter and sparkly pipe cleaners, they’d look great hanging in a window as long strands of dangling indoor fireworks!

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