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Paper Snowflakes

December 23, 2012

The inspiration for our felt snowflakes was the paper ones we make each year for our windows. This is such a perfect craft for kids; little ones can manage simple versions but older, more creative children can really enjoy working out what cuts will manipulate the paper into more exotic shapes.

As you can see, Maddy got pretty carried away with her versions – I’m not entirely sure they are snowflakes as nature intended, but who cares!

Here are some sites that will show you ways of cutting to make different effects.

High Hopes


Inspiration for Home

If you really want to get carried away, what better than this pin to get your juices flowing!

Source: joybx.com via Merrily on Pinterest

We tend to laminate our snowflakes so they last for a year or two and have an extra sparkle. This year we seem to have quite a blizzard! Maddy is going to do some more of her own cutting ideas here at some point but we also love this idea; if white paper is too thick to cut easily, try using coffee filters!

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