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Hama Beads Valentine Box

February 12, 2013

This is the perfect gift for your valentine this year, it can be made in any size or colour and can hold anything from chocolates to jewellery.


You will need hama beads of your choice, a heart shaped hama board (big or small depending on the size you want the box), a hexagon shaped board and some glue.

First make two heart designs as the bottom and the lid of your box. To make the ribbon effect make a line across the heart, you can make it plain or patterned. Don't worry if its not straight, you can cover any wobbly bits with the bow later. Once they are finished iron them both.

Now make more hearts but only the outside layer as shown, make sure you get the patterns right so that it goes down the side. The more you make the bigger your box will be, I suggest about 4, 5 or 6 layers, once they're done and ironed glue them together as shown (but don't glue on the lid!), if you like you can make a layer one smaller than the others and glue it to the bottom of the lid so it doesn't slide off.

Finally make the bow on the hexagon board and glue it on the lid. You can make it bigger or smaller or patterned or you can make more than one, but make sure you make it like the ribbon. Leave it to dry and then you have the perfect valentines gift box!

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