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Hama Bead Cat Pattern

October 20, 2013

Continuing on a cheerful theme of cat related crafts (I’ve not quite got to grips with Halloween yet this year, so I thought cats might be better!) Maddy has produced her signature cat in Hama Beads. Many years ago, though she doesn’t remember, they used to have a Willo the Wisp video and I think she is secretly channeling Carwash with this design.

Hama Beads Quirky Cat Pattern.

Here he is, in all his glory. A nice easy cat on a rectangle (or two interconnected square boards) in Midi Hama Beads. Maddy chose to do him in blue with black, white and pink details and I think you should be able to follow him from the photo. We will get round to doing a printable version of him too!

It was an accident but we quite like the little angle to his head. If you want to copy it, just gently stretch the beads and mould it while it is still warm from ironing the pattern.

There are more ideas on BeadMerrily.

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