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Halloween Finger Puppets in Felt – Tricky Set

October 20, 2012

Having done our finger puppets last week in a nice easy style, Maddy decided to take it a step further and make a more complicated bunch. The result is a truly monstrous bunch of felt finger puppets that I think you will really love!

This would be a tricky bunch to describe step by step. We’ve done a pattern guide sheet but it was drawn after the event (I will redo it at some point) and so although it is a good guide, you will need to tweak some sizes and shapes a little possibly. However, in a nutshell….

Skeleton is two white pieces and the pattern stitched on in black thread.

Witch is a body with a face stitched on (you could glue) and hat stitched on top. The cape was actually pieces sewn on to the sides and back fbut we’ve simplified it into a single cape.

The devil can be made by sewing or stitching the face on but sewing will work better. The horns can be done as two triangles but Maddy did a crescent and stitched it behind the face. The tail and trident are blanket stitched and then attached.

Maddy did Frankie’s head in two parts with a stitched detail scar and blanket stitch around the face to give character. The cape is like Dracula’s but a little smaller.

The Vampire has a stitched collar and cape in 3 pieces. You could adapt the witches cape to work though.

Click here Halloween puppet patterns.


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