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Guest Post: Owl Cut Out Craft

March 27, 2013

Owls seem to be very popular at the moment and my daughters are always asking me to draw some owls to colour in. I’ve drawn or coloured quite a few owls recently and have worked out some basic shapes (and variations) to use to form the owl.

owl 1 owl2

I even made a colouring sheet, so other people’s children could colour in my owls, too – in case they wanted to as much mine!


(Click on the image to link to the post on my illustration blog, where you can download the free, printable colouring sheet.)


And then Merry came up with the idea to make an owl craft activity out of them. So, here you go…

Owl Cut Out Craft


Download the OwlCutOut and then print three copies, each onto different coloured card.


Then cut out all the shapes. If you can, cut just inside the lines, so you don’t have any lines showing. You could also cut along the lines and use the pieces upside down (though you’d need to use them all upside down for them to fit).


(I cut out the little owls, too – they’re there so you can see how it all fits together, but you can also use them for other things, too, if you want.)

And then stick them together, using the colour combinations you want.


You can also decorate them with extra elements. I used some of the off-cuts from the card and punched lots of holes and then used some of the circles to make a pattern on one of the owls. You could also add stickers or draw on patterns, or glue on any other crafty bits and pieces you have.


And you can even use the off-cuts to create another picture.



You could use your cut-out shapes as templates and sew an owl (I am going to have a go at this myself, I think). Or you could cut out different materials, like cardboard boxes, or tissue paper, or shiny foil. You could even make an owl entirely out of recycled material – cereal boxes, sweet wrappers, delivery boxes…

Merry adds: I’m totally doing these in felt…

Tasha Goddard has been drawing since she was three and hopes never to stop. She blogs about her artwork at Tasha Goddard Illustration, and also has a Facebook page. You can follow her on Google+ and Twitter, too.

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One Response to Guest Post: Owl Cut Out Craft

  1. ChildLedChaos on March 27, 2013 at 11:33 am

    I thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute! I LOVE Tasha’s blog too, thank-you both for great inspirations. Will be printing out lots of these owls in the holidays I think! 🙂

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