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Embossed Fimo Snowflake Decorations

January 7, 2013

It's nearly time to put away the winter crafts and Christmas is long behind us but here is one craft we loved doing this year and will definitely do again. Ill write it up now and put links in shortly or it will never get done!

First we cut out a snowflake from white fimo. It gets covered in powder so it doesn't matter if the white isn't perfect.

This is the back of the snowflake, which I left white but used texture plates to enhance a little. You can colour both sides but it makes it a little trickier. You could paint it with acrylics after it is all baked though; metallic colours would look great.

Flip the snowflake over and put heaps of mica powder (these are ejr powders) on the front. Smooth it in well and then rub the powder in with baking paper or your finger so it is well stuck down.

Once done, press a texture plate on to the front. Spot the deliberate mistake with my green one (as opposed to the blue one at the top… I didn't think about the angle of the snowflake so the writing is slanted!)

I use a roller on top of my texture plates to get an even pressure when I press a design in. Then heap a different colour of powder on to the snowflake, on top of the base (the green in my case) and distribute it across the snowflake. It will move easily but light pressure with a finger tip will press it on enough to stay in the depressions.

Bake your first snowflake, otherwise when it is added to the back one, it will have droopy 'petals'.

Now, cut a second, larger snowflake from more white fimo. Repeat the texturing of back and front and add a colour of powder to one or both sides. Make a hole for a hanging thread in the tip of one point.

Add a blob of liquid fimo to the larger snowflake, press the baked smaller snowflake on to it and rebake the two together.

Ejr powders can be varnished but seem to stay pretty well glued on even without 🙂



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