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Crochet Tree Picture.

August 2, 2012

Learning to knit and crochet has been one of my main achievements over the last couple of years. I’m not especially proficient but I do really enjoy making things with yarn and I’m gradually getting more able. I’m also slowly bringing my daughters over to the yarn side 😉 Last week, having taken delivery of some felting supplies and a drop spindle, we had a go at spinning out own yarn. The initial efforts were quite lumpy and bumpy, but they did lend themselves to a bit of sculpture. I remembered that a friend taught my daughter to crochet using this coral reef as inspiration and encouraged her not to worry about any errors. Amelie had a go at spinning some appropriate colours and then used a fat hook to crochet it up into a rough, wiggly chain. Once she had done that, it was easy to arrange it into a tree shape.

One thing we sometimes do with crafts is take a photo of them on a nice paper pattern background and edit it using a photo app on my phone. Then we print it out and save them to decorate home made cards at another time. It’s a great way to make something personal, but easy to post (and easy to store)!

Required: wool, crochet hook, patterned paper.


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