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Chinese New Year Pom Pom Dragon

January 16, 2013

Maddy’s latest make is this gorgeous pom pom dragon. Here are her words on how to make him 🙂

Maddy's pom pom Chinese dragon @minimoobear


You need red, yellow and blue acrylic yarn and some different coloured pipe cleaners plus something to make eyes; paper, felt or googly eyes will work.

First make 4 medium pom poms, roughly the size of the palm of an adult hand. These pom poms are work out as mostly red, with 1/6 of it wound in yellow. This makes the stripe down his back.

Next make 2 or 3 similarly coloured smaller ones to make the tail, getting smaller as they go along. You can decide how long to make his tail depending on how patient you are. Make another red/yellow medium one to be the nose and a really big one in the same colours to be the head (so, 5 medium, 1 large and 2-3 smaller ones).

Next a thinner pom pom (not too thickly wound) in blue to be the ruffle round his neck.

Now thread yarn through the centre of each pom pom (best to use a thick needle) in this order (medium, large, ruffle,, medium, medium, medium, smalls) and make a really big knot or thread a bead on each end and knot it to make the ends secure.

To make feet, fold a pipe cleaner over the central yarn  and twist it round to secure it as two legs, then make feet at each end. You could decorate the feet with felt or foam. Do one set near the head and one set near the tail.

Do similar ones with more pipe cleaners as horns and spikes wherever you fancy. Some between the nose and head look good as whiskers. Finish off with eyes.


We tied some string lengths to places along the central yarn to hold it up. If you attach that to a stick, you get a pom pom puppet!

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