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Chinese New Year Hama Beads

January 13, 2013

This week my kids and I are going to spend some time revisiting Chinese New Year  and seeing what we can remember from previous times we’ve explored it. The Hama Bead patterns are old ones and have previously featured on our family blog but I thought I would pop them over here too. The dragon, which is done on the ordinary Hama dragon board, gets plenty of admiring comments  as he perambulates around the internet 🙂

hama chinese dragon

Maddy has a great craft lined up for tomorrow but I’m hoping I might persuade her to do another dramatic and brand new hama pattern too.

The same year we also had a go at making Hama Bead tangrams…



These sort of worked – we had another go and made each individual piece too but the bumpy edges meant they weren’t good enough to play with. Did inspire the kids to actually print off some paper ones though.

One of the younger children made Chinese people. Clearly the whole red and gold thing had hit home, even if nothing else did!5416676904_81d415f431

I’m a little out of the blogging habit just now, what with one thing and another (and a lovely blanket to crochet!) but hopefully putting up a recycled craft here will inspire us all to be more creative tomorrow!

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