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Autumn Leaf Shapes Printable

September 30, 2012

One of the things I always seem to want and can’t find (for free or in adequately easy to up and download form) are basic printables for nature shapes. I would use them for so many things; printing on coloured paper and cutting out from fabric to name just two. So I finally got round to making a printable page of leaf shapes which I hope you’ll enjoy using as you need.

I’ve spent a pleasant afternoon doing some simple embroidery stitches on some of the leaves to give them detail and definition. I cut them out of a variety of different felt colours and weights and then used variegated embroidery silks to back stitch, blanket stitch and over stitch on top of them. It made a huge difference to each leaf shape to vary the stitches and I really enjoyed experimenting. The variegated silks gave a nice dappled feel to the leaves and added to the autumn effect of them. I thought afterwards it would be nice to sponge paint some acrylic paint lightly on to the leaves first to add to that effect.

Once I had made them all inspiration promptly deserted me for what to do with them! Which is annoying, to say the least. Still, I’ve got quite a lot of ideas and a stash of pretty leaves gives me plenty to play with.

One idea was to decorate a plain piece of brown fleece with them to make a cute autumnal playmat for our baby. They stitch down really easily and make it look deliciously seasonal.Another idea is to stick them down on some green felt and embellish with buttons and beads to make a table decoration. It would look lovely with candle votives on top or perhaps some artfully placed berries, acorns and conkers.

Actually, this gave me another idea, to use them to make a linen nature collecting bag with these stuck to the front as faux applique. And THAT made me think that possibly I could try a bit of simple quilting with leaves on each square. I think it might look quite nice.

Various other ideas are presenting themselves, including sticking them to the outside of jars or vases, hanging them as a window display from threads interspersed with beads or buttons and various others. I think a picture with a tree trunk might look lovely too, using the leaves to make the foliage shape.

Whatever, it was a restful afternoon of stitching.

Sunday simple crafts

Here is the printable to right click on and print or download as a pdf.

Finally, no post would be complete without a pinterest link, so here is one to some Autumnal Leafy Crafts.

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